Monday, 30 April 2012

nail art

marble rainbow nails underneath solid black

so anyone who has recently flipped through any fashion magazine will have seen this new trend - nail art.

its making waves in the beauty departments and can be seen on anyone, from the it - girls of society to your next door neighbour.

simple to do and so many interpretations, i'm sure there is one if not many styles that will take your fancy. for those of you with some time on your hands or if you frequent a salon - there are the very intricate patterns (as above) and for those of you like me who are just looking for something quick and pretty there is the crackle polish or my absolute favourite the 'rogue' nail.

i think i prefer this one the most as its the most subtle and probably the least common.

what are your thoughts?
do you love the latest nail art trend or you simply not be bothered?

*inhale luv .  exhale hate *

tribal and aztec nails - as seen on Oria on PLL

my first attempt at the crackle finish

rogue nails in yellow and chinchilly by essie

rogue nails again this time in shorty shorts and bermuda shorts by essie

blood-tipped manicure in berryhard by essie

'tippex fingers' 

glittery NYE nails

'superman' rogue nails 

'nautical' nails

intricate bow and check details

geometric style nail art

rogue nails seen on celebs

xoxo nails

animal inspired nail art

gorgeous red rogue nail

news print nail art

a 'rogue' nail at its best

a more subtle 'rogue' nail

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