I am a fashion addict. I live for fashion..the perfect pair of fitted jeans, a statement pair of Louboutin heels, an asymmetrical yet well-balanced dress by Dior, the perfect-size clutch (not too big, not too small) and finally the perfect palette of make-up to compliment your outfit!! I cannot function before my first skinny latté, Vida preferably, but when I’m desperate anything will do. I have just started my first job! I am doing the accounts and admin for a well established jewelry designer. Look, its not the most glamorous job but it pays the bills (food AND fashion), and for the most part I enjoy it.

The best way to get a sense of who I am and what Im like is to know the special people I have in my life.

Here are some photo's of those I hold near and dear.

Myself and my lovely fiancé Storm 2010
*we are getting married in January 2013*

The best companion I could have asked for 'Hugo Boss' 2010
(Unfortunately he had to be re-home due to us moving to a small apartment)
I still think about him every day and visit him when I can.

Myself and my best friend Hayley 2010
*we have been friends since we started high school together*

My shoe closet (well most of it)

My other love - water. I absolutely love swimming and being under water.

Myself and my amazing Granny in 2010.
* My Granny played a huge role in raising me and making me who I am today*

Myself and my Nono at my graduation 2011.
* My Nono is my all-in-one, Grandpa, Father figure and Godfather*

Myself and my Mom on her 50th birthday

Nothing like a night out with my oldest friend Wendy...
*We have been friends since we were 9 yrs old*

Hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of my friends and family.

Enjoy my blog and please feel free to leave comments I love to read them.

* inhale luv . exhale hate *

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