Friday, 10 August 2012

Upcoming weekend...

This weekend holds many exciting adventures ahead!!

Tonight I am going to the Hout Bay Market for work - to try and find a stall who wants to stock and sell our jewellery. While I'm there I'm sure I'll be tempted to eat something yummy!

Tomorrow (Saturday): I am seeing my best friend Hayley for her birthday and then going to a concert at Grand West in the evening. Our friends band is the opening act for SWITCHFOOT and we are so excited to see them perform live.

Sunday: we are getting up at 4am and heading of to Matroosberg for the day to hopefully see and play in the snow. There is NOTHING else that I love more than SNOW!!

Here are some pics from when I saw 'real' snow for the first time. I fell in love instantly. I love the cold and snow is like cold cotton candy. I mean, you couldn't get more perfect if you tried.

I will try be a responsible blogger and keep my camera on me at all times to capture the special moments.

Enjoy your weekend!

* inhale luv. exhale hate *

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