Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wedding Inspiration - Hairstyles

So, as my wedding creeps closer, I'm starting to think of decisions i'm going to have to make.
Like my hair....up?down? half up-half down? classic? trendy? blonde? brunette? neat? messy?

Here are some of the pics i've gathered to try and help me make the big decision...

gorgeous romantic updo

Monday, 25 June 2012

Polyvore Posts

I know that I have terrible with my consistency with time between blog posts but I hop that now I'm am settled in my new home that I will be able to focus more of my down time on my blog.

My most current obsession is POLYVORE!!!
I absolutely love the freedom of choice and creativeness behind it.
I will never be in doubt of purchasing a particular item as I can know 'try it on' and get a feel by creating a set with the said item and get a visual idea of how to style it up.

This is also a get way for me to show you how I would style outfits an OOTD without me having to actually dress up and take photos of myself which I just don't have the time for.
Yes, some might think its lazy but I think i'm making a plan with what I have.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

winter essentials part 3 - accessories

Ok, i know i have taken far too long with the post but here it is!!
winter essentials part 3 - accessories.

there isn't much i need to say except that these pieces have a certain
je ne sais quoi 
about them.

1. isabel marant wedge heel sneakers