Monday, 25 June 2012

Polyvore Posts

I know that I have terrible with my consistency with time between blog posts but I hop that now I'm am settled in my new home that I will be able to focus more of my down time on my blog.

My most current obsession is POLYVORE!!!
I absolutely love the freedom of choice and creativeness behind it.
I will never be in doubt of purchasing a particular item as I can know 'try it on' and get a feel by creating a set with the said item and get a visual idea of how to style it up.

This is also a get way for me to show you how I would style outfits an OOTD without me having to actually dress up and take photos of myself which I just don't have the time for.
Yes, some might think its lazy but I think i'm making a plan with what I have.

Look #1: Black and Gold Edge - perfect for a night on the town
(edgy and spot on trend)
Look #2: Dinner and Dancing
(Lady-like with a touch of spunk)
Look #3: Rock 'n Roll concert
(Practical and stylish with a spot of bling)

Look #4: Weekend casual
(Comfortable and cute)
Look #5: Casual and chic
(Perfect for an impromtu day - dinner/movie/drinks/shopping)

Look #6: Sassy secretary
(Office basics with an edgy take)
Look #7: Minted Peaches
(Pastel perfect. The 'take me anywhere' outfit)

What you do think of the 7 different looks?
Which is most like your own?

* inhale luv .  exhale hate *

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