Wednesday, 16 May 2012

winter essentials part 2 - beauty products

firstly, i must apologize for taking so long to post my second installment of 'winter essentials'
i have been in the process of frantically trying to look for a new apartment - long story - but we have just signed for a stunning place very near to where we live now.

we will be moving over the next few weeks so i will try keep up with my blog but forgive me if i am scarce.

ok, so moving along... beauty products that i find crucial during the winter months...
with this post i could go on and on and on but i have limited myself to only mentioning my ABSOLUTE necessities!!

Friday, 4 May 2012

winter essentials part 1 - clothing

okay, so winter is finally here. 

YES, we hear you loud and clear - the rain & cold can now officially begin.

these are the winter items that i bought during my seasonal 'shop for staples'. they are items that i believe needed to be added to my existing wardrobe in order for me to thrive during this my favourite season!!

i am going to have to divide this into 3 posts - 1 for clothing, 1 for beauty products and 1 for accessories.

today i will do part one, but before i begin i must confess that during this winter 'shop for staples' i suffered from a case of "ooh, i like - thats pretty - must get in as many colours as possible".
so you will notice many colours of one style but forgive me this once.

another thing you must be made aware of is that i am quite the avid shopper.
shoes being my main weakness although clothes aren't far behind.
i think the reason for my shoe obsession comes from the fact that i wear a size 8 - and most stores only carry 1 pair of size 8's in SA.
so, my logic is, if i see a stunning pair of shoes and they have my size i HAVE to buy them because if i think about it for a week they will be gone!! it has happened to me too many times.

once burnt, twice shy i guess.