Thursday, 7 June 2012

winter essentials part 3 - accessories

Ok, i know i have taken far too long with the post but here it is!!
winter essentials part 3 - accessories.

there isn't much i need to say except that these pieces have a certain
je ne sais quoi 
about them.

1. isabel marant wedge heel sneakers

2.neon/friensdhip bracelets and neckpieces

3. the oversized clutch

do you like my choices? 
if not what are are you winter accessory essentials?

*  inhale luv  .  exhale hate  *


  1. I LOVE oversized clutch and the bracelets. Definitely key peices. x

  2. thanks jodes.

    Please follow my blog as i am trying to build it up as a hobby. you know how it is - although yours is alot more real than mine ;)

    i just blab on about anything. haha. ooh, and any critism is welcome.

    thanks doll face!

  3. I am IN LOVE with the blue clutch and yellow clutch. Have decided to only buy bright colours from now on, life is too short to be dull! Also love what looks like a two-finger cross ring in the last picture. Sigh. #LottoDreamer

    (p.s you should perhaps open a twitter account specifically for your blog. Will surely attract some new followers :)