Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Manic week...

the blur that surrounded me this last week - makes for good photo's at least ;)

I have had such a crazy week and I have no exciting news or pictures to show you.

I officially handed in my notice at my job and am looking for a new challenge and career as of September!! This means longer working hours trying to finish off projects that I have started and sending out cv's and many hours of waiting for the phone to ring.

In between this all these are a few pics that have i've snapped...

(Ok, I cant take credit for taking this pic.) But, here is PHOENIX the most awesome little man in the world!!
Whenever my friend Sarah, his mom, sends me a pic, my heart melts and I just want to squeeze him! Don't you think he's adorable?

Mermaid green manicure - needed to inject some colour into my outfits

Evening cuddles with my fiancé while watching telly

What have you been up to this past week? Hopefully more than I have!?

* inhale luv . exhale hate *

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