Friday, 6 July 2012

Colour Consistent

Ok so I'm going to have to admit it...
" Hi, my name is Shané and I'm addicted to Polyvore."

Ive always had an issue with being colour consistent, a polite way of saying I'm OCD about matching and co-ordinating the colours in my outfits.
These boards I've created are an organised version of what goes on in my head every morning when getting dressed. I'm well aware that you cant wear one colour head to toe but I like to think I thread the same idea/colour palette through my outfits. eg. neon belt and neon bag or neon necklace and neon shoes. Never OTT but subtle co-ordiantion.

Ok so now that you've had a look through the colours on my mind for this week, which do you like the most? What is your favourite colour?

Just realised that in my mind I must think its summer, with all the dresses and sandals.
The harsh realisation is that it is indeed Winter. VERY much Winter.

* inhale luv . exhale hate *

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