Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Instagram pics of the last few days

Link pink beanie - Forever New

So after my last post I eventually dragged my arse to the doctor and he told me I had Bronchitis and book me off for 2 days, which then meant it was weekend - so I ended up being indoors for 4 days.

I wasn't complaining as there was a thunderstorm and the best place to be was cozy in the bed.
Here are some pics of the last few days that I snapped on Instagram.

Nude fingerless gloves with pearl detail - Forever New

Pink and Nude cashmere scarf - Forever New

The outfit I wore on Wednesday when I went to work and then the doctor.
Keeping warm with matching scarf, gloves and beanie.

5 shades of Essie - Pop art pink, Grenadine, Lilacism, Lapis of Luxury and Mint Candy Apple.

Rainbow manicure
On Thursday after much sleep I was getting bored and decided to give myself a fun manicure.
I would normally never do something this adventurous but I was bored so I thought why not!?

Cozy in my snood that my gran made me

Flapjack Prep

On Friday night I had been watching the cooking channel and had seen someone making Flapjacks...
and so NATURALLY I HAD to make them!

I suffer from 'see it on tv and want it now-ism'.

It can be extremely dangerous especially when its late at night, pouring with rain and it's impractical to go out and get the random ingredients that you don't have.

Luckily we had the ingredients on hand and my fiancé was all too happy to help me make this for dinner! Yes, we had flapjacks for dinner! We got slightly over-eager when baking though and made a heap load and then only had 2 each but they were lovely for breakfast the next day :)
Although now I think I've had enough flapjacks for a long while.

What did you get up to this weekend?
What are your secret indulgences?

* inhale luv . exhale hate *

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