Friday, 13 July 2012

Sick day...

Thursday OOTD: Comfy PJ's & my fluffy grey slippers - WW, pastel scarf - Cotton On and grey earmuffs - the market.

I am trying to get on top of this OOTD idea and although I love the concept I havn't worked out the best way for me to convey this. I think the Polyvore option that I'm going with at the moment will juat have to work.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day at home, sick. All I wanted to do was catch up on some sleep but that soon became impossible. Someone in my apartment block was doing renovations ALL day, work seemed to follow me around. 

Eventually I gave in to sitting in front of the TV, catching up on PLL with my laptop on my lap, working. This was followed by my late afternoon trip to the dentist. (the thing I hate most in the world)!! Look, it was better than having to be at work but it was by no means rest. 

Luckily when I came home from the dentist my fiancé treated me to warm Chicken Noodle soup followed by Sago pudding. This was AHMAZING as I had the eating ability of a 90 year old woman after my visit to the dentist.

Friday OOTD: Grey jacket and black jeggings - WW, Grey striped vest and Magenta jumper - Cotton On, Grey suede boots  - Aldo and black leather bag Marc Jacobs.

Today, I had to haul myself out of bed knowing that I could not take another sick day because the one other person I work with was taking the day off. Feeling much worse than I did yesterday I wished I could go back in time to yesterday and sleep some more.

I thought seeing as though I feel so grotty I might as well perk myself up and wear something that requires a little more effort than the extremely casual outfits I have been wearing this week.
The magenta jumper from Cotton On had never been worn and I thought today would be a great day to change that and add a little pop of colour to my life.

What do you do on your sick day's or duvet day's as I like to call them?
And what do you wear when you're feeling absolutely awful?

* inhale luv .  exhale hate *

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